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A Summer-Hackathon and a Networking-Process in Russia, Belarus and Germany 2021

Where are the places of active civil society, transformation in education and social enterprises in Russia? What if there was a map for them to participate in and get visible?

We reached our goal and provided a common map platform (such as the and for civil society actors in Russia through which local initiatives can be mapped by volunteers.

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This should lead to better findability of sustainable organisations, innovation, promotes direct exchange and a sense of community at the local level, stabilises support structures and makes the socio-ecological transformation visible.

Main activity is a Hackathon and Mapathon with Russian and German Developers in the Summer 2021, where we meet for one week to develop and fill this map as an intercultural collaboration. Starting from Mai we are setting up the plattform in online-Hackathons and from September to November there will be around 10 decentral presentation and mapping Events (Mapathons) all over Russia.
We are looking for partner organizations which are experience eather in setting up open source tools or in networking of civil society (or both).

Join this Project if you are intrested!

Tags: Mapping, OpenStreetMap, German-Russian, russia, Map, map, Belarus
Topics: Mobility, Energy, Environment, Education, Health, Nutrition and Consumption, Climate Protection

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