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We are up for strong and intense partnerships between cities in Germany, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
The Twin City Lab is a project by Brains & Bridges to boost twinning cities partnerships, enable urban communities, and push the level of international exchange beyond current standards.

In 2019 we laid the foundation for our Twin City Lab activities. We started with a Twin City BarCamp in Minsk for an exchange of best practices, the development of new formats as well as screening and mapping the twin city landscape. We have published our digital toolbox, to provide you with innovative projects, guides, tutorial and insights. In 2021 the Twin City Lab continues its work. Therefore we applied for further funding. Again, supporting and coaching twinning cities by providing incubator workshops, potential analyses and maker workshops in pilot cities is at our core. But we also come up with our new TCL Academy, with a more journalistic project called TCL Stories and, of course, our TCL BarCamp.

Tags: Gemeinschaft, Mapping, Netzwerke, capacity-building
Topics: Mobility, Environment, Education, Health, Art and Culture, Climate Protection

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Project administrator:  Björn Müller-Bohlen

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