• until (all day) (Europe/Berlin)

  • To push things forward we are going to host a BarCamp in Minsk from Sep 26 - 29, 2019 within our Foreign office funded "Twin City Lab".
    Be part of the movement and apply now.

    With our TwinCity-BarCamp we like to
    ... connect creators and makers
    ... collect and share best practice as well as fuck-up-experiences
    ... enable you to think big
    ... develop new ideas
    ... engage people and communities in twinning cities
    ... create new formats of interaction, exchange and intercultural learning

    The Twin City Lab is a project by Brains & Bridges (Berlin) and NKI - The New Cultural Initiative (Minsk) to boost twin city partnerships, enable urban communities, and push the level of international exchange beyond current standards. Brains and Bridges is an international NGO based in Germany and devoted to civil society cooperation.

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