Change of Location: Katowice - Berlin

Dear all,

Due to current pandemic regulations regarding the entry to Poland, the planned events in Katowice for September 8th-10th will be taking place in Berlin instead. About all futher details regarding planning and logistics you will be informed individually per email within the next days. Should you have any questions beforehand, you can contact us anytime on this platform or reach us per email.

Kind regards,
Civil Society Energy 2021 Project Team

Online Networking follow up and further steps

Dear participants,

On behalf of the wechange team I would like to thank you all for participation! We hope that you find the Networking on the 1 of July interesting and useful.

In the next letter I will send you detailed information regarding participation in our future activities - workshops in Katowice (September) and in Berlin (November).

If you are interested in preparing an article, best practice analysis or any other contribution to our Handbook on establishing of energy cooperatives in your country or would like to propose a training, presentation or workshop during future events - please contact me.

several links that could be useful:

  • Link to the Civil Society Energy 2021 project page: - here you will find information about the project, see updates and calendar of future events and the map of energy cooperatives. Being registered at the Сivil Society Cooperation Platform you are yourself able to post updates, events or communicate with other fellow participants.
  • Link to the Miro board our moderators created during the eventto guide you through the sessions, with profiles and notes taken during the breakout discussions :
  • Link to the the Mentimetr questionnaire with general information you filled in during the event:
  • Here is also the link to the map of the energy cooperatives and initiatives in this sphere in our three countries:,12....
    You can also add information about new cooperatives yourself.

Also I am adding the presentations made by our speakers: Szymon Liszka, FEWE (Poland), Andriy Martynyuk, Ecoclub Rivne (Ukraine) and Helmut Wolman, wechange (Germany) to our cloud:

Please, feel free to ask any questions in response to this letter.

Looking forward to meet you soon!

With best wishes,

Igor Tyshchenko,
wechange eG

Map of civil society energy projects

We started mapping energy cooperatives and civil society energy initiatives and fournd 45 intresting examples so far. But 41 of them are in Germany. We found only three in Ukraine and none in Poland.

Visit the map here
You are invited to add more initiatives to the map, if you know some.

That is the reason for our exchange-program CivilSocietyEnergy2021. If you know an initiative for renewable energies, or if you are intrested in that there will be more, then join this event series and apply as soon as possible. (Dealine moved to 30. June)

On July 1st will be our first meeting with energy enthusiasts from Ukraine, Poland and Germany online. WECHANGEs Vision is to connect people for social-ecological change, and in this project we have experienced supporters from Ecoclub Rivne (Ukraine) and FEWE (Poland)

We are looking forward to see more projects popping up on the map in all three countries and to see you next Thursday!

OPEN CALL for the Civil Society Energy 2021 Project


We invite you to register for the “CIVIL SOCIETY ENERGY 2021” project, launched by wechange eG in partnership with EcoClub Rivne (Rivne, Ukraine) and Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency FEWE (Katowice, Poland) and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

You can register via the link here till June, 25.

Our main goal is to create a network of renewable energy enthusiasts from Ukraine, Poland and Germany and to foster knowledge exchange about citizen-organized energy projects between our three countries. Together with our partners we want to support the development of energy cooperatives by providing opportunities for networking, cooperation and expertise exchange about renewable and decentralized energy supply. Particular focus of the project are communities that would like to build their own local energy independence by establishing a cooperative and civil society actors that engage actively in the process of energy transition.

In the framework of the project there would be online and offline events in Poland and Germany, including networking sessions, discussions, workshops and publication of the handbook on establishment of the renewable energy coops:

Online Networking: 1 July, 16:00 CEST
Community Building Workshop in Katowice 8-10 September
Community Building Workshop in Berlin 8-10 November

Additional information about the project you can download in the document below.

Please register via the link till June, 25.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Your Civil Society Energy 2021 project team