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Who am I?

I live with my family in the south of Germany close to Freiburg and since I did a volunteer Service in Brasil 2010-11 I co-create the networks around the Map of tomorrow and wechange.

What do I want to change?

I studied energy and process-technique at the Technical University of Berlin to empower of future of 100 % green Energy. This TRANSITION is our biggest challenge of this generation and an area, where we need many more ideas. Thats why I am working for Ideen³ since 2013. Empowering ideas for outer and inner change.


Mail: Helmut@vonmorgen.org
Tel: 01573-4448245 (Telegram)
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Ideen³ e.V. / Karte von morgen and wechange eG



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Topics I am interested in

Mobility, Energy, Environment and Nature Protection, Education and Communication, Nutrition, Consumption, and Agriculture, Money and Finance, Construction and Living, Climate Protection

What I wish to learn

erneuerbare Energien, Projektmanagement, soziokratie, selbstverwaltung, organisationsentwicklung



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