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  • Helmut Wolman Hybrid-Corona-Format: Hackathon close to Moscow and StuttgartThings do not change - WECHANGE! We can not solve the pandemie right now, nor the development of the Delta-Varian, but we can easily adjust our Program to a hybrid-format, where we all meet in our beautiful [conferencing center](! The decision was taken last week, that no Germany Participants will travel to Russia, because they won't find an health insurance and on their way back they might have to stay in quaranteen for 14 days. "No unnessesary trips are allowed" says the German Foreign Ministry, and as we are digital natives, we can just work online. I really think it is astonishing these days, that althoug we could not meet with Andrei and is SOL-Team in person, it still feels like a deep collaboration. After a preperational online-Session at the **2nd of August**, we will have two live meetings form the** 5th to the 8th of August**: * The German Team will meet in Stuttgart, where we see the base of our Hacker-Collective around []( * The Russian Team will stick to the [Kind-Land-Ecovillage](,40.562&zoom=4.00&search=kindland&dropdowns=kvm), where we initially all wanted to meet. Unfortunately, we will not be able to dance, sing and drink Vodka together ;) But the main pupose of our meeting will be possible: - SOL will present us their large network and how they create green and social Innovation in Russia. We will learn, how they analyse needs and problems to solve them as social entrepreneurs. - Karte von morgen and the Slowtec-Team with Navid and Markus will present the Mapping code, give and introduction into clean code and Rust. You will find out how the German Change-Movement is connected and how you can build digital and paper-Maps for your Region or network. As we have no big travels, we have more space for **Participants form Germany and Russia to join in**! We are looking for hackers as well as for activists form Change-Networks. Just joins this group and tell who you are and why you are joining! You can checkout our [Github-Board]( to see the first ideas. The attached Immage shows you our first draft of the program. I am happy to see you in less than a month. And Hopefully we are able to savely travel to some of the 10 Hackathons, that will take place with russian Networks between September and December in Russia. yours Helmut
  • Helmut Wolman The co-map Hackathon was amazingYesterday evening the 4 day Hackathon for the russian "map of tomorrow" ended with a teambuilding of both teams and a beautifule new map. The initially planned Hackathon with 30 people in the [Kindland-Ecovillage](,37.991&zoom=8.00) in the west of Moscow needed to be switched to an Hybrid format due to the corona-travel-restrictions, so 15 German Hackers and Mappers met in the [slowtec-Cohousing-Project](,9.163&zoom=6.00) in Stuttgart. Both teams where connected via the [open-source conferencing center]( run by wechange. ![]( The participants came from Russia, Belarus, Germany and one from Iran. A hackathon does not have a fix programm like any other conference but just a rough structure where the hackers can pic tasks and fulfill them. Every morning we met for an one hour update of the tasks and activities we did so people got oriented and we could priorize issues and build teams around them. Than we started hacking and every day you could feel how we dived deeper into issues, problems and came up with more and more solutions. In the last minute before the final presentation on sunday the new website is born: # []( Sunday evening both teams did rafting and climbing and enjoyed the shared succes. It was a beautiful experience together. Even we could not meet in person, thanks to the digital environments, the feeling of collaboration between the Russian and German hackers where amazing. Its such a beautiful feeling to see, that on both sides, people are investing they time to bring a tool closer to perfect and making the future more resilient. ![]( There is still a lot work going on, even after the Hackathon and people are finalizing [their issues]( The next step will be to organize 10 Mappathons in Russian cities, where we present the map to the change-movements and to the public and empower people to contribute mapping on this co-map! This colaboration should last forever ; ) yours Helmut from the organizing team
  • Helmut Wolman Mapping meetings in Moscow form 15th to 20th Nov.This is a bright Hello to all our Friends and Creators of the Next week from Mon. 15th to Sat. 20th of Nov. a delegation from the Germany partnerorganisations and is comming to Moscow to celebrate the start of the mapping movement for social innovative change and ecological entrepreneurship together with SOL! We will hold partnermeetings and public events for NGOs which are looking for visibility and Projects, that take care of a green city development. We are happy to meet you. Please drop us a message in whatever language you speak at Read more about our Project on our Blog: Your Co-Map-Team