• 09:00 o'clock until 18:00 o'clock (Europe/Berlin)

  • Lets empower the sustainable transformation in Russia, Belarus and Germany!
    We want to make all russian social-, educational- and ecological-entrepreneurs and activits visible on one map! We want to show Russia of Tomorrow and make it collaborate and work together.

    The WECHANGE-Team of the Map of Tomorrow brings a little mapping tool, (the most successful transformational mapping system from Germany) and the Social Innovation Support Center (SOL) from Moskau brings a large network of social-entrepreneurs and educational-innovators to make them visible for the public.

    You can become part of it! 25 digital activists (Hachathon) and networking changemakers (Mapathon) meet at the beginning of August to develop the general map for russians innovative and sustainable future and build a movement for transformation. You do not need to be a senior full-stack developer (although you are warmly invited, if you are one), you just need to love networking or open software. Russian, German, Belarussian and Iranian software-experts will train you in Software-Architecture, TypeScript, Rust and open interfaces like Activity-Pub. (You can checkout the code already, if you want)

    Topics for the Hackathon

    • Vision and Impact-Strategy

      • Civic tech, society driven software
      • Datasecurity and federated DB-models
      • Problem-Analysis and Testing
      • Issue Priorisation
    • Networking and colaboration

    • Mapping and resaerch of movements

    Program around it

    We will start in Moscow by visiting the beautiful city and places, that show our common history.
    Then we will drive to a beautiful place, where we have time to think, code and take action.
    We can do outdoor activities and cultural evenings with music, good food and nice people.

    Join us, if you can!

    To apply for this hackathon,

    1. just register to this plattform by clicking "Register" at the top right of this Group
    2. Make sure you fill out your profile so we know a little bit about what you do, where you are from and what you can or love to do
    3. Wait, till we write you a message or directly accept you to this conference
      We are eager to get to know you...


    Du to corona, Germans can not travel to Russia so we meet in two places:

    1. Germany: Slowtec-Coworking, Friedrichsberg 55, 70567 Stuttgart
    2. Russia: The place is close to Moscow. Around 2 hs. drive in a beautifulc countryside (Kind-Land Ecovillage)
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